To make our extra virgin olive oil, we crush our olives and extract the oil using only mechanical methods.

Extra virgin blends are made from different olive varieties to produce well-rounded and delicate flavours: floral, bitter, spicy, fresh, herbal, fruity, nutty, and apple.



Bivarietal Arbequina Picual

This blend provides everything you need from a pure extra virgin olive oil: a fresh, fruity and spicy blend with notes of fresh herbs and banana. Rich in oleic acid and phenols, it is a fantastic addition to almost every recipe.


Bivarietal Arbequina Coratina

A well-balanced and robust blend, grassy, slightly almond and slightly bitter with a lovely peppery aftertaste. Always recommend for using on red meats, pasta and fish either sautéed or grilled.


Arauco Coratina Picual

Inspired by the Italian region of Puglia, it is Seis Marias’ top extra virgin olive oil. Apulia blend uses early harvested olives to produce complex and robust oil with notes of green grass, artichoke, apple, and almonds. Salads and cooked vegetables are probably the best companions to approach this remarkable oil.

Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

A blend made with vinegar and grape juice similar to Italian Modena vinegar, providing a lively dressing for salads. It balances acidity and sweetness while offering notes of cider and dried tomatoes. It is a fantastic addition to sweet sauces and macerating apples or pears.