Everything starts with the careful care of the olive trees, observing current agricultural norms and phytosanitary controls.

The fruits are harvested manually during the veraison – when they change their color and it is possible to obtain the best quality oil. Then, they are transported carefully to avoid damages and oxidation. Only those fruits graded excellent are selected for oil production.


The extraction process takes place at low temperatures. The olive oil obtained is of exceptional color, smell and taste, with very low acidity and unique biochemical characteristics.


As a result of this process, the final product is classified as an extra virgin olive oil of the best quality, source of health and life that helps delaying cellular aging and prevents degenerative illnesses and cardiovascular disease.

Bottle PET

250 ml. / 1 Lt. / 5 Lts.

GLASS  Bottle

250 ml. /  500 ml.


200 Grs. / 400 Grs.